Different Hair Types

Nature's Love products are designed to suit all hair types but how much treatment to apply and how often varies.


Find out more about different hair types and hair care below.

Hair Type 1  - European & Asian Hair

(Straight Hair)

​Type 1A: Common in Asian women; normally straight and fine.

Type 1B: Straight but slightly thicker, with more texture.

Type 1C: Straight but course, shiny and thicker again.

Recommended Products: Volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give your straight, fine hair a little more life. Avoid products that are too heavy or that have too much hold. A good dry shampoo is a must as well... even right after you’ve showered and blown your hair dry. 

Styling Tips: When blow-drying your hair, flip it upside down and use a round brush to give it more volume. After drying, spritz a little dry shampoo on the roots to soak up excess oil – you can also do this before bed on days you haven't washed your hair. 


Haircut Tips: A blunt haircut is going to give your hair the appearance of being a little thicker. If you have medium or thick straight hair, add some layers to give your hair movement.​

Use Nature's Love products sparingly or thin down with a little water, to thicken and strengthen hair.


Hair Type 2 - Naturally Wavy

The key to caring for wavy hair is to control frizz, whilst adding moisture and volume but without weighing down your natural curl - so keep it light!


Recommended Products: Look for shampoo and conditioner designed to hydrate and moisturize your hair.

Styling Tips: To keep your natural waves from becoming frizzy, apply a little styling mousse from roots to tip, whilst your hair is still damp. To lock in moisture and control frizz, apply a little Nature's Love hair oil and serum - starting at the middle of the shaft and working it to the ends (avoid the scalp or your hair might end up looking oily). When drying your hair, use a diffuser and rest the ends of your hair on the attachment to dry it. For added frizz control, turn off the heat when your hair is 90% dry and apply a finishing cream.


Haircut Tips: If you have fine wavy hair, a layered haircut can give you some needed volume. For thicker textures, wearing your hair long will keep your waves more relaxed. The shorter you go, the curlier your hair is going to look because there is less length to weigh it down.


Hair of this type has a natural wave, and it tends to be thicker than Type 1 hair. 

Type 2A: Easy to style to due it being very fine and thin, with S-shaped waves. 

Type 2B: Wavy and medium-thick but a little frizzier than 2A.

Type 2C: This hair type is wavy, thick, and coarse. It is prone to frizz and more

challenging to style. 


To help lock in hydration and reduce frizz, try using Nature's Love moisturizing hair mask once a week.


This type of hair is curly – usually the kind of curl that goes straight when the hair is wet but goes back to being curly as it dries. Curly hair has clearly defined, springy curls and it tends to be easy to style. 

Hair Type 3 - Naturally Curly

Type 3A: This hair has defined curls with a thick texture and a lot of shine but can be frizzy.
Type 3B: Hair of this type has tighter curls and may have a combination of textures.
Type 3C: This type of hair has very tight curls or kinks and is generally easy to style.

Advice: Nobody likes frizz but, unfortunately, it’s a constant battle you’ll have to fight if you have curly hair. The key to controlling frizz is to keep your hair moisturized. The right shampoo and conditioner can hydrate your locks with mousses, creams, and jellies can add control and definition.

Recommended Products: The foundation of your hair care routine should be a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner – you might even find one designed specifically for curly hair. You may also want to experiment with mousse, hair oil, or curl jelly to control frizz and to define your curls. 

Tips: Water will be your best friend as it will hydrate your hair. When sleeping it is recommended that you were a bonnet or sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid the hair shat ruffling which will cause the hair to be frizzy, or even break! 

Styling Tips: If you want to embrace your curls, apply some light mousse or hair oil from root to tip – just make sure it’s nothing heavy. As soon as you get out of the shower, use a wet brush to detangle without pulling out your curls then blow-dry using a diffuser.

Haircut Tips: The haircut you choose will determine how curly your hair looks. Like wavy hair, the shorter you go, the curlier your hair is going to look.


Mix some Nature's Love treatment with water, in a spray bottle and use it as your foundation of your styling routine. I even recommend bringing it with you to top up on the moisture during the day!


It may be a bit of a tossup which products do and don’t work for you... It all depends on the length and texture of your hair... Afro hair is so diverse and individual to the person!

Recommended Products: The key to caring for very curly hair is moisture – start using a heavy moisturizing conditioner. You should also use a moisturizing mask, as often as every time you wash your hair. Pre-wash masks are best for afro hair types.  It is best to avoid shampoo as much as possible to retain the moisture but if you do choose to use it, I recommend black soap as it is natural. Although it can make the hair feel quite coarse, it is brilliant if your hair needs a cleanse, and you can always add oils back to your hair when styling. Other products like hair oils and finishing creams can lock in moisture and add definition to your curls while a light pomade will help with styling. 

Styling:  This hair type can be a challenge! But there are ways such as twist outs styles, plaits, roller setting, rod setting, individual curl drying and much more!

Hair Type 4 - Very Curly or Kinky

Very curly or kinky hair is very tight, sometimes well-defined curls. It tends to be fairly coarse in texture but is also sensitive and prone to damage by heat and product. 

Type 4A: Soft in texture with tight, well-defined curls or kinks.

Type 4: Very tight curls, but they are less defined, 0oft, and fragile.

Type 4C: Such tight curls that it may not even look curly at all.

  1. If you're blessed with a lot of hair, damp it down a little to allow the products to spread further.

  2. Apply Nature's Love pre-wash treatment mask and moisturiser. 

  3. Add gentle heat under the dryer for about twenty minutes (depending on how long it's been between treatments).

  4. Rinse off the treatment (sometimes using black soap shampoo, again depending on how long you have not had a treatment or washed your hair for. I like to use shampoo on my clients at times to make sure than any other products they may have used does not interfere with my treatments.)

  5. After the wash or rinse, add more Nature's Love products - the product is multipurpose so I also use it as a moisturiser.

  6. Add a little oil and a little moose to help it set.

  7. Add Nature's Love oil to your scalp, then leave the twists in until she you're ready to take them out.

  8. Maintain this by redoing the twists before going to bed. Preferably, wear a silk scarf or a bonnet to bed. 


Example routine if your hair is a very tight curl when wet, and hard to manage without relaxing it:










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