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Aftercare for weaves:

(a weave is hair woven into the hair with thread)

All weaves are recommended to last 3 months with two tightenings in-between to avoid strain on the hair and to allow the style to last longer. This is a fantastic method as no glue or any artificial products are put on your hair during this process.


The quality and type of hair will determine how long your hair will last; the better the quality, the longer it will last, especially going into the blonde colours. All hair extensions should be cared for with the same principle. Wash as little as possible with the best European shampoo and conditioners. 

The hair should never be washed too vigorously as the cuticles will ruffle, causing the hair to knot and dry out. It is best to use a light serum to avoid build-up of oils.


Relaxers, textures and colours are all chemicals that change the natural form of the hair, which can cause it to become dry. This can be avoided by having regular hair treatments to help apply moisturise and strength back into the hair. In the winter months, I recommend that treatments are carried out at least every 2-3 weeks depending on the condition of your hair. Home treatments are also good to do in between treatments by your stylist- my treatments are a mixture of natural ingredients that have been tried and tested. In the summer months, there is a lot of moisture in the air so you may need them less frequently, maybe once a month depending on the condition.


Aftercare for chemical treatments:

Long hair (including extensions) should be put up in a high ponytail to retain moisture. If left out, it would rub against pillows unless the pillow is silk... nevertheless putting it up is best.


Afro hair should be wrapped preferably with a silk scarf. There are old rollers that are good at retaining moisture, not only that, they will create a nice curl or wave depending on the size and shape of the rollers.

How do you wear your hair and extensions to bed?









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